About Us


To seamlessly connect retailers and wholesalers via a unique platform that allows them to harness the ever-growing power of the digital world and grow their business.

About Us- Easekaam

The coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses all over the country. In these trying times, business owners and SMEs are constantly looking for ways to take their business online. After all, going digital is the new normal!

To help business owners who are unexposed to the world of digital marketing, Easekaam was created by some innovative professionals looking to make things simpler. Easekaam helps businesses market their products/services smartly using the latest marketing tactics like WhatsApp marketing. We can also help make digital commerce possible by helping to take care of the essentials like Integrated UPI payments. With Easekaam, connecting the customers via WhatsApp and keeping them engaged is easier than ever.

Business owners from all over the country prefer our platform as it enables them to sell their products/services in the digital world and keep the existing/potential customers engaged. Everyone from a wholesale buyer to a small retailer can make the most of Easekaam.

As the platform can be operated through a website or an exclusive app, you can be sure of maximum exposure in a short turnaround time. Don’t wait. Try Easekaam today and grow your business!